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This page lists the results of all submissions to date. Click on the score of a method to see detailed results. See below for explanation.

Nodule detection

1iFLYTEK-MIG (yinbaocai)17 August 20170.941description
2JianPeiCAD (weiyixie)14 August 20170.939description
3iDST-VC (chenjx1005)13 July 20170.897description
4qfpxfd (qfpxfd)27 May 20170.891description
5CASED (CASED)15 June 20170.887description
63DCNN_NDET (lishaxue3)22 June 20170.882description
7Aidence (mjharte)7 June 20170.871description
8junxuan20170516 (chenjx1005)30 May 20170.865description
9MEDICAI (bharadwaj)22 July 20170.862description
10Ethan20161221 (ethanhwang2012)23 December 20160.856description
11resnet (QiDou)21 February 20170.839description
12ZNET (gzuidhof)30 June 20160.811description
13MOT_M5Lv1 (elopez69)18 October 20160.742description
14VisiaCTLung (jacobsc)1 April 20160.715description
15etrocad (jefvdmb2)7 April 20160.676description
16M5LCADThreshold0.3 (atraverso)5 April 20160.608description
17lance (lancesy)10 August 20170.543description
18PAtech (PA_tech)7 August 20170.356description

False positive reduction

1IHPC_zkj (zkj)24 July 20170.965description
2MILAB_ConcatCAD (bckim)21 August 20170.940description
3JianPeiCAD (weiyixie)21 July 20170.916description
4qfpxfd (pku.hzq)26 May 20170.913description
5GIVECAD (ZJUGIVE)17 May 20170.912description
6CUMedVis (QiDou)15 May 20160.908description
7MILAB_ResCAD (bckim)21 July 20170.889description*
8JianPeiCAD (weiyixie)24 December 20160.889description*
9JackFPR (cwjacklin)13 September 20160.872description
10DIAG_CONVNET (arnaud.setio)23 May 20160.854description
11realize (risman)24 November 20160.852description*
12JackFPR_ma (cwjacklin)13 September 20160.847description*
13masakam (masakam)2 August 20170.846description*
14DIAG_CONVNET (arnaud.setio)1 May 20160.838description*
15CUMedVis (QiDou)2 April 20160.827description*
16HEFPR (vrlzy)3 December 20160.818description*
17pdl (zzningxp)23 May 20170.814description
18wresnet (datarev)2 April 20170.807description*
19JKOK005 (JKOK005)10 July 20170.791description
20LUNA16CAD2 (mattdns100689)2 April 20160.788description*
21CADIMI-TEAM1 (lscholten)22 June 20160.784description
22eva14 (hirokinakano)30 May 20160.778description*
23ZNET (gzuidhof)27 July 20160.758description
24Nav (ncm4)28 April 20170.734description
25iitm03 (subru1603)1 April 20160.644description*
26LungNess (bim_bam)1 April 20160.637description*
27CNNCAD (dseow93)4 May 20170.319description

The nodule detection leaderboard lists results of complete systems for nodule detection. The false positive reduction leaderboard lists systems that have classified each location in the provided list of nodule candidates. The submissions with asterisk (*) used the initially provided list of nodule candidates computed using fewer candidate detection algorithms.

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